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Pre-employment Training Course

  • Course Objective

    To equip trainees with basic knowledge on career planning and job search methods, as well as to assist them in developing interpersonal skills and job interview techniques.

  • Modules

    Self-understanding and career planning, good work ethics, interpersonal communication, job search methods and job interview skills. Course Duration: 48 hours or above

  • Course Duration

    48 hours or above

For YETP course brochure from March 2019 to August 2019, please click here.

Trainees must attain 80% or above attendance rate for the award of certificates of accomplishment and Training Subsidies . Those with outstanding performance will be awarded certificates of commendation.

For those training courses leading to professional examinations, trainees who have attained an attendance rate of 80% or above in the course(s) may, under normal circumstances, enrol for the examination and claim reimbursement of the examination fees up to $1,800 upon completion of examination through the relevant service providers.

For class arrangement in times of typhoon warning signal and rainstorm warning, please click here

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