Job Seeking Recipe

Job Seeking Recipe
Opportunities for interview are valuable. A short interview can often be decisive to an interviewee. Then how to equip yourself to win a job? Below are some interviewing and job hunting tips we wish to share with you:

A Guide to Job Hunting

Nowadays competition among job seekers in the labour market is keen. To succeed in job hunting , besides possession of suitable qualifications, a good job hunting skill is also essential.
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Tips on Job Hunts and Interviews

Know the employment market. Explore the channels. Act quick for application. Prepare well for interviews. Remember the "Interview Rhyme". Learn from the failures.
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Beware of Job Traps

Look out for traces of irregularities during the job search process. Some companies use dubious and misleading words in their advertisements; others offer jobs immediately after interviews; some even ...
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A Guide for Students Seeking Summer Jobs

Many students look for jobs during summer holidays every year. With the increased complexity of the society, they may easily come across employment traps in the hunt for summer jobs. Therefore, before applying for a job, they should consider the nature of the job and assess whether they are capable of doing it. Besides, they should beware of being defrauded of money or other benefits due to their eagerness to secure employment or the temptation of accepting high-paying jobs. As employment traps emerge in different forms, students should always be cautious and stay alert when searching for jobs, lest they fall into these traps.
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Ten Don'ts at Work

While some people can stay at a job for long and get promoted, some quit within a short period for different reasons without any achievement.

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While some people can stay at a job for long and get promoted, some quit within a short period for different reasons without any achievement. As we know that "plant melons and you get melons, sow beans and you get beans", we will not succeed without paying, or fail without reasons. If we learn from failure, the less chance we would lose again. Therefore, I wish to share with all young people today ten things that we should bear in mind during job hunting or working. I call them "Ten Dont's at Work":

Don't be lazy

No matter we are having a job or seeking for one, we must keep up self- motivation and be responsible all the time. We have to overcome the tardiness deep down or else we may become stagnant on our career path.

Don't be greedy

Young people may not be so familiar with the employment market to fully understand that salary level usually commensurates with experience. One may fall into employment traps for just aiming at high salary and good remuneration.

Don't be over-dependent

Develop independent thinking, seek advice from others and find out your own interests and strengths will help you find a suitable career. Don't be immature or over-dependent on parents and others as your future should be in your own hands.

Don't complain

Don't expect your first job would be an easy job. Don't complain about low salary and hardship but to gain experience by learning as much as you can.

Don't pretend

Don't pretend you know everything of your job. Otherwise, no one will teach you and you will learn nothing. Be a humble learner and don't hesitate to ask.

Don't be solitary

Interpersonal and communication skills are essential in the real world. Don't be a solitary colleague!

Don't be talkative

Though communication is important, it would be better to keep silent and concentrate on your work whenever necessary.

Don't lose your head easily

Young people are sometimes impetuous. Remember to keep your patience in order to stay calm and maintain a harmonious working environment. Good EQ is essential especially in the service industry as handling complaints of clients is common.

Don't escape

If you wish to gain experience from work and show your boss that you are a helpful hand, you have to pay efforts and be devoted to your work. If you escape from tasks, you would learn less and even become the least important staff on the fired list of your boss.

Don't quit

Every successful person has his/her own striving stories. You are far from seasoned without undergoing hardships or challenges in your life. So, never give up halfway!

Here, I wish all of you would find your ideal job very soon. If you bear in mind the "Ten Dont's at Work", I believe you would settle down well in your job. I also wish all the voluntary organizations and employers from different industries would continue supporting youth employment as well as the Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme. Thank you!

Extracted from the speech "Ten Dont's at Work" delivered by the Ex-Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Employment Services), Mr. TSANG Kin Wo, JP.