Off-the-job Vocational Training Courses/Examinations

  • In order to enhance vocational skills and knowledge of trainees, YETP subsidies trainees receiving on-the-job training to enrol in relevant off-the-job vocational training courses/examinations.

    Before application, trainees should read the notes on Application Form for Off-The-Job Vocational Training Courses/Examinations Word PDF carefully. The off-the-job vocational training course/examination should be open to public and provided by a legitimate and appropriate organisation with assessment elements and relevancy to the on-the-job training post. Trainees should submit the application for enrolment of off-the job vocational training course/examination to YETP Office at least two weeks before the commencement of the respective course/examination. Trainees may consult views of their employers or case managers if appropriate.

    Trainees may apply for reimbursement of course/examination fees up to $4,000 for each on-the-job training placement if approval in principle has been given by the YETP Office. To apply, trainees have to attain a course attendance rate of 90% or above, and/or successfully pass the examination/assessment or acquire the respective qualifications of the course. Trainees may also contact case managers or the YETP Office for details.