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Upon receipt of your application for joining the Youth Employment and Training Programme, the Programme Office would assign you to a service provider for rendering basic case management services to you with reference to your choice of service provider and district on the application form, as well as the trainee capacity of the service provider of your choice. The service provider will arrange to you a case manager who is a registered social worker. Your case manager will meet you for conducting an initial screening to understand your training and employment needs. The case manager will also inspect your Hong Kong Identity Card and educational qualification documents to ascertain whether you are eligible and suitable for joining YETP.

Under the Youth Employment and Training Programme, trainees are provided with personalised career guidance, job search assistance, training and post‐employment support by professional social workers in the form of 12 months' case management services.
Upon expiry of the first 12 months' case management services, trainees who have secured employment may receive extended case management services for another 12 months, so as to better assist them to settle in their jobs, overcome problems at workplaces and pursue further learning and skills upgrading opportunities.

Aged 15 to 19 who never participated in YETP before may enrol on a core course with the assistance of case manager. Trainees may also choose to enrol on workplace attachment training and not more than two elective courses before attending a core course. Upon completion of core course with an attendance rate of 80% or above, trainees are eligible for enrolling on on-the-job training and/or the third elective courses

Upon completion of initial screening, trainees aged 20 to 24 or those who have participated in YETP before may apply for workplace attachment training or on-the-job training vacancies, or enrol on elective courses with the assistance of the case manager.
On recommendation of their case managers, trainees may also enrol on a core course after initial screening.

Core Course on Job-search and Interpersonal Skills Training

Upon completion of initial screening, trainees aged 15 to 19 who join YETP for the first time may first complete a 48‐hour Core Course on "Job‐search and Interpersonal Skills".
The purpose is to equip trainees with basic knowledge and application skills on career planning, interpersonal skills, job search methods, etc.

Trainees aged 20 to 24 or those who had participated in the Programme before may also enrol on this course on case managers' recommendation after initial screening.

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Elective Course

Trainees may attend a maximum of 5 elective courses:

  • <Elective Course I> Discipline and Motivation Training
    Underpinned by outdoor activities and physical training, this module aims to build up trainees’ self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership and team building skills, as well as to cultivate their positive thinking.
  • <Elective Course II> Computer Application Training
    The training mainly focuses on common office computer software applications, Chinese input methods and basic computer programming, etc.
  • <Elective Course III> Job-specific Skills Training
    A wide range of job-specific skills training courses catering for the prevailing needs of the employment market are offered, with a view to enhancing the job skills of the trainees.

Workplace Attachment

  • Trainees may undergo a one-month workplace attachment training to acquire work experience, develop potential and explore employment opportunities.
  • There is no employment relationship between trainees and host organisations.
  • An allowance is payable to trainees upon satisfactory completion of the attachment. (The amount of WPA training allowance for workplace attachment training commences on or after 1 September 2017 is $4,500. The amount of workplace attachment training allowance is $3,000 for workplace attachment training commences during the period of 1 June 2013 to 31 August 2017.)

On-the-job Training

  • Trainees are engaged as employees under on-the-job training of 6 to 12 months with salary.
  • Employers appoint staff with relevant work experience to be mentors of trainees and provide appropriate guidance at work.
  • Employers who engage trainees as paid employees in full-time or part-time on-the-job training may apply for a monthly on-the-job training allowance. The amount of such allowance is 50% of the monthly salary of a trainee during the training period, up to a maximum amount of $4,000 per month per trainee. (Note: subject to approval by the Programme Office)
  • Employers may offer further employment to trainees with good performance upon completion of on-the-job training.
  • Off-the-job Vocational Training Allowance
    During on-the-job training period, trainees may enrol on relevant vocational courses and apply for reimbursement of course and examination fees up to $4,000 from YETP.

Employment Projects

YETP cooperates with employers and service providers to organise tailor-made training-cum-employment projects for various industries to cater for the specific needs of employers. Upon satisfactory completion of the concerned pre-employment training courses, trainees will undergo on-the-job training for 6 to 12 months, receiving continued training and employment opportunities.