Training Allowance

  • To encourage young people to receive pre‐employment training, eligible trainees who enrolled in a training course of ERB or the YETP via the Programme and obtained 80% attendance or above are entitled to apply for training allowance. For training courses commencing on or after 23 February 2024, the amount of training allowance payable for “Youth Training Programme” courses of ERB is calculated at a rate of $167 per valid training day, while that for other ERB courses and the YETP courses is calculated at a rate of $333 per day (A whole-day course generally consists of two sessions while the amount of training allowance is $166.5 per valid training session. The attendance rate of evening courses is calculated on a class basis.).
  • To avoid double benefits, YETP trainees are not allowed to receive training allowance under YETP and retraining allowance under ERB concurrently.
    For further details, please approach your case manager or call the Youth Employment Service Hotline: