YETP Radio Drama
"A Moment to Fly II"

Youth Employment and Training Programme of Labour Department x RTHK Radio 2 “A Moment to Fly II” Radio Drama
Voice Starring (In no particular order): Ansonbean Mischa Ip Alex Fong Shiga Lin Lawrence Ng Aka Chio Jace Chan

The broadcast of “A Moment to Fly II”
as part of the programme Three’s a Crowd
on Radio 2 of RTHK (FM94.8-96.9) from
17 November 2021 to 30 March 2022 was completed


    Sometimes we might feel lost in our life
    Try to listen to our own inner voice Be bold to take a step forward Seek and you shall find a promising future

The Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) of the Labour Department and Radio 2 of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) jointly present a new radio drama “A Moment to Fly II”, as a sequel to the radio drama “A Moment to Fly”. The radio drama consists of seven short stories adapted from the real-life experiences of some awardees of the YETP Most Improved Trainees 2020, including CHEUNG Yee Ho, Jack, Hair Stylist Assistant; CHAN Chau Wa, Becky, Assistant Foreman Apprentice; HO Chun Wing, Account Clerk; Gurung Karishma, Teaching Assistant; WONG Kong Chung, Rico, Technician Apprentice; CHENG Mei Kuen, Amy, Building Supervisor; and HO Hugh Tung, Iris, Barista. They entered different industries after joining the YETP and overcame various challenges in the workplace with their perseverance and passion for work, as well as with the support of their employers, case managers and family.

We hope the radio drama “A Moment to Fly II” could encourage young people who might sometimes feel lost in pursuing their dreams that with courage and persistence to try, they could all take flight on their own pathway and realise their dreams.

True stories of “A Moment to Fly II”

Story 1

Voice Starring: Ansonbean

( Story of trainee, CHEUNG Yee Ho, Jack

Being an introverted and unconfident person, Jack (voice starring Ansonbean) never spent time primping and always kept his head down when talking. He joined the YETP after the release of HKDSE results. His case manager, Mr Wong, recommended him to receive pre-employment training so as to get prepared for entering the workplace. On one occasion when Jack changed his hair style, he found himself interested in hair styling. Thus, he started to work in a salon as an apprentice. Nevertheless, Jack’s time at work was not all plain sailing and he was scolded by customers quite a lot due to the lack of skills and experience. Having not much confidence, would Jack give up his dream?

Story 2

Voice Starring: Mischa Ip

( Story of trainee, CHAN Chau Wa, Becky

CHIN Sai Wa (Chin) (voice starring Mischa Ip) had been interested in architecture since childhood under the influence of her family. With encouragement from her elder sister, she enrolled in the “Project for Tradesman Trainees” of the YETP and joined the construction industry. During her on-the-job training period, she faced various setbacks at work due to her acquiescent personality. How would her mentor help her overcome the difficulties? Could Chin embrace the challenges and continue to pursue her architectural dream?

Story 3

Voice Starring: Alex Fong

( Story of trainee, HO Chun Wing

As a computer game enthusiast, CHAN Wing (Chan) (voice starring Alex Fong) often boasted of having “superpower” in the cyber world, which was contrary to the case in reality. Chan received on-the-job training in a jewellery company through the YETP. Committing mistakes frequently at work, he kept groaning about the boredom of his job. Chan’s case manager, Joyce, tried to contact him to give support but her care was not appreciated by Chan. One day, however, Joyce received an unexpected call from Chan. Why did he have such change? Could he discover anything enjoyable from his job eventually? And could he find his “superpower” in the real world?

Story 4

Voice Starring: Shiga Lin

( Story of trainee, Gurung Karishma

Carol (voice starring Shiga Lin), a Nepali born and grown-up in Hong Kong, was not interested in learning English when she was young. However, she was devoted to English teaching after growing up. Why would she have such change? Before pursuing her teaching career, she had worked in different industries owing to her family’s financial status, but she could not find satisfaction from the works. Incidentally, Carol joined a teaching assistant training programme for ethnic minorities provided by the YETP and started her dream job by working as an English Teaching Assistant in a kindergarten, which also led to her first encounter with her boyfriend, Marco…

Story 5

Voice Starring: Lawrence Ng

( Story of trainee, WONG Kong Chung, Rico

To escape from the endless utterance of “listen-to-me” from his parents, KO Sheung Chung (Ko) (voice starring Lawrence Ng) would wear his headphones to find his own peace. After graduation, Ko had worked as an air-conditioning maintenance apprentice for a year but then found that he was not interested in the industry. Encouraged by his supervisor, he subsequently joined the “Project for Tradesman Trainees” of the YETP and met his mentor, Kenny. How would Ko change after joining the YETP? Would he still try to escape when overwhelmed by “listen-to-me” from his parents or would he be bold enough to express his thoughts?

Story 6

Voice Starring: Aka Chio

( Story of trainee, CHENG Mei Kuen, Amy

Being a sports elite since young, CHOW Ka Yan (Chow) (voice starring Aka Chio) wondered if she should further develop her sports talent after the HKDSE as encouraged by her teacher. One day, Chow's mother was followed by a stranger in the vicinity of their housing estate. Chow also found that the security of the housing estate was not up to standard, and thus giving rise to her decision to develop her career in the property management field so as to protect her family. Introduced by her brother, Chow subsequently joined the "Squad ‘3S’" co-organised by the YETP and the Employees Retraining Board. Taking up the role of Building Management Officer, would Chow be satisfied with her job?

Story 7

Voice Starring: Jace Chan

( Story of trainee, HO Hugh Tung, Iris

Christy (voice starring Jace Chan) moved from Jamaica to Hong Kong with her family. Facing the changes in the living and language environment, Christy had no direction in life and was unsure about her future. Subsequently, she joined the “Barista Trainee Training Project” under the YETP and was given an opportunity to receive on-the-job training in her favourite cafe. Could Christy grasp the opportunity to unleash her potential despite the various challenges after moving to Hong Kong? And could she adapt to the new living environment?