Service Station for Mentors

Introduce the Working World to Trainees

As mentors, you are the key to introduce the working world to the trainees!

Role of Mentors

As mentors, you should:

  • familiarise yourselves with details of YETP (please click here for information of the Programme);
  • assist trainees to familiarise themselves with the work environment and ethics;
  • guide trainees to build up a good relationship with colleagues;
  • coach trainees how to handle difficulties at work;
  • teach trainees relevant work skills and the use of facilities at workplace;
  • assess trainees’ work performance and discipline, and provide counseling and advice where necessary;
  • express appreciation when trainees’ performance meet the expectation;
  • assist trainees to understand the culture of the organisation and thus enhance their sense of belonging;
  • act as a bridge between employers and trainees and thus foster their mutual understanding; and
  • maintain good communication with case managers so as to assist trainees in achieving better performance.

Training Flow

Mentors are advised to proceed with a suitable training flow in accordance with trainees’ individual learning progress so that trainees can meet work requirements during the training period. Each trainee has his/her own learning pace. Sometimes trainees need to learn from mistakes since they are not familiar with their new posts. Mentors should be patient and give them appropriate guidance in order to achieve the best outcome.

1. Purpose of Training

The purpose of training is to enhance the overall job-related competencies of trainees, including:

  • More knowledge about the organisations
  • More proactive and positive attitude at work
  • Enhancing their job skills
  • Fostering good working ethics
  • Strengthening the mentor-trainee bond and team spirit
2. Training Procedures