YETP Most Improved Trainees 2019


HO Tsz Kin (何子健)


Present Post︰Tradesman Associate

Employer︰MTR Corporation Limited

Service Providers (provided case management services)︰New Territories Association Retraining Centre

Service Providers (provided training on special employment project)︰Hong Kong College of Technology

Education:Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

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After graduating from the Higher Diploma programme in mechanical engineering, Ho has no idea on his choice of career path as the subject he studied covered a wide range of specialised fields.  Later, through the Youth Employment and Training Programme, he was employed by the MTR Corporation Limited as a Junior Tradesman Associate.  He gradually acquired knowledge about the procedures for rail installation and maintenance works and gained exposure to the various technical aspects involved.  The job proved to be a challenging one to him in a positive way.


During the on-the-job training period, Ho was very grateful for his mentor’s guidance.  He was enlightened about the importance of team spirits and cooperation among all team members to overcome all sorts of difficulties in order to carry out the maintenance work of heavy machinery.  He was thus very willing to assist new colleagues in integrating into the working team and taking on challenges together to complete different tasks.


Ho’s positive and responsible work attitude was recognised by his supervisor, and he got promoted to Tradesman Associate.  He plans to pursue further studies in the engineering field in order to strive for a bright future in the industry.

CHEUNG Man Hong, Jason  (張文康)


Present Post︰Assistant Customer Services Officer

Employer︰Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited

Service Providers (provided case management services)︰The Salvation Army

Education:F.6 in New Senior Secondary Curriculum

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Lacking a clear career goal, Jason switched jobs across different industries repeatedly after completing secondary education.  He attempted exploring his own career path through participating in the Youth Recruitment Day@YETP.  At the event, Jason realised that many employers from various industries with good prospect were recruiting staff on the spot.  It opened up more career opportunities for him right away.  He decided to make a bold move to submit his applications for several job vacancies, and eventually secured a job in a bank providing customer services to clients.


At first, Jason’s interpersonal and communication skills were not so satisfactory.  Thanks to the patient guidance from the senior colleagues arranged by the bank and the frequent encouragement given by his case manager, Jason showed significant improvements in both customer services and manners.  Gradually, he developed amicable relationships with regular customers of the branch office where he worked.


Jason’s conscientious work attitude was appreciated by his employer.  After completing on-the-job training, he was successfully further employed as an Assistant Customer Services Officer, which formally kick-started his journey in the banking industry.

LAM Tsz Chun (林梓浚)


Present Post︰Body Repair Apprentice (Painting)

Employer︰Dah Chong Hong (Motor Service Centre) Limited

Service Providers (provided training on special employment project)︰Vocational Training Council

Education:F.4 in New Senior Secondary Curriculum

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Lam did not complete secondary school education.  Having an introvert personality, he enjoyed spray painting for model cars in his leisure time.  By joining the “Tradesman Trainee Programme” co-organised by the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) and the Vocational Training Council, Lam was employed by a motor service company to do spray painting for automobiles.  As a new recruit, Lam seldom communicated with his colleagues and dared not ask questions even when he met difficulties at work.  When he was unable to meet the job requirements by himself, he could only get the job done by turning to his mentor for help.


Luckily, Lam had attended the training course on interpersonal and communication skills under YETP.  While Lam made attempts to apply the relevant skills at the workplace, he began to get along well with his colleagues.  At present, Lam proactively communicates with his mentor for advice to seek improvement in his performance.  Now working as a Body Repair Apprentice (Painting), Lam is determined to learn modestly and equip himself so as to build a solid foundation for his career.

CHOW Shu Fan, Candice (周書帆)


Present Post︰Sales Executive

Employer︰Parsons Music Limited

Service Providers (provided case management services and training on special employment project)︰The Hong Kong Federation Of Trade Unions Occupational Retraining Centre

Education:F.6 in New Senior Secondary Curriculum

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Having finished her secondary school education, Candice enrolled on several pre-employment training courses under the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) and identified that her interest was in making desserts.  Employed by a hotel as an apprentice baker, she was determined to take baking as her lifelong career.  However, to her dismay, she found that she displayed serious symptoms of skin allergy to baking ingredients.  She had no choice but to give up on her dream job.


Just when Candice was anxious about the future, her case manager, knowing that she enjoyed playing music in her spare time, suggested her taking part in the “Music Promotion Ambassador Training Project”.   She was then successfully employed by a musical instruments store.  With the assistance of YETP at the starting and turning points of her career, Candice was able to find her right way whenever she found herself at a career crossroads.


With the encouragement of the store manager, Candice actively took part in the internal training of the company.  She also made full use of her time to familiarise herself with product knowledge and work procedures.  She said that when purchasing for musical instruments, customers often wanted to try out their chosen musical instrument with the assistance of the store attendants.  She believed that people engaged in personal services in the music retail business would be hardly replaced by machines in future, which boosted her confidence in developing her career in the industry in the long run.

LI Hoi Yan (李凱恩)


Present Post︰IT Technician

Employer︰Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Service Providers (provided case management services)︰Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association

Service Providers (provided training on special employment project)︰Pui Ching Academy

Education:Higher Diploma

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Soon after Li obtained a higher diploma in media and arts, the e-Learning Support Scheme (eLSS) Central Recruitment Day organised by the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) caught her attention.  Li noticed that no academic qualification or experience in e-learning was required for applying for the vacancies under eLSS and the scheme also offered a free pre-employment training course.  It saved the aspiring young people one to two years of study on the relevant subjects.  She therefore joined YETP and became an e-Learning Support Officer.


As a new recruit, Li was relatively passive and lacking in self-confidence.  She was also inept at computer operation.   After getting used to the working environment, she became self-motivated at work.  Li paid meticulous attention to the working environment and raised constructive suggestions for improvement.  Her employer was particularly impressed by her positive feedback to help enhance the quality of the teaching support facilities.  Li also made good use of the training allowance granted by YETP to seek learning opportunities and took work-related courses for self-enhancement with a view to strengthening her competitiveness in the field.

HO Wing Yan (何穎銦)


Present Post︰Special Duty Officer (Security)

Employer︰Urban Property Management Limited

Service Providers (provided case management services)︰Hong Kong College of Technology

Working Partner:Employees Retraining Board、HKCT Group Limited

Education:F.6 in New Senior Secondary Curriculum

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Ho had aspired to join the Police Force since childhood.  Unfortunately, her public examination results did not meet the entry requirements.  While she was worrying about finding a job, her mother encouraged her to join the “Squad ‘3S’” co-organised by the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) and the Employees Retraining Board.  She successfully passed the interview and became a Special Duty Officer.  She was assigned to take up the more complicated property management tasks, including patrolling property facilities, answering calls from clients, preparing reports and notices, etc.


At the beginning of her employment, Ho had difficulties in mastering the use of computer and the handling of clerical duties in English.  Moreover, supervising security guards older than her was an overwhelming challenge to her.  Thanks to the assistance of her case manager and colleagues, Ho gradually adapted to the working environment, and learnt to handle emergency cases calmly by applying her professional knowledge.  Through YETP, Ho realised that there is strong manpower demand in the property management industry.  She believes that she can unearth her full potential in the industry.

Jacky IBRAHIM (邱曉洋)


Present Post︰Employment Services Ambassador for Ethnic Minorities

Employer︰Labour Department

Service Providers (provided case management services and training on special employment project)︰Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

Education:F.6 in high school of Indonesia

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Born in Indonesia, Jacky moved to Hong Kong with his parents after finishing secondary school.  Having a small social circle, Jacky spent most of his time at home with little motivation to find a job.  Jacky’s father suggested him to participate in the “Ethnic Minority Ambassador Programme” and encouraged him to integrate into the community.  While attending the pre-employment training course, he made friends with similar background and gradually established a social support network.


Later, Jacky was placed in a job centre of the Labour Department as an Employment Services Ambassador for Ethnic Minorities providing assistance for ethnic minority job seekers.  He also utilised his photography skills to redecorate the notice board in the job centre.  Striving to improve his language proficiency, Jacky earnestly participated in the Chinese workshops offered by the programme.  He took the initiative to learn oral Chinese from colleagues to enhance his language ability so as to communicate with local job seekers.


Jacky also voluntarily assisted a social service organisation in producing a magazine targeted at ethnic minority young people.  He was responsible for photo-taking for the thematic story, cover design and typesetting.  He was enthusiastic in using his strengths to contribute to society.

WONG Chung Kei, Tonly (王頌淇)


Present Post︰Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Trainee

Employer︰Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited

Service Providers (provided case management services)︰Hong Kong Employment Development Service Limited

Education:F.6 in New Senior Secondary Curriculum

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Tonly has developed a keen interest in aircraft maintenance since childhood.  He always aspired to work in the industry.  After finishing secondary school, he was encouraged by his family to join the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP), through which he learnt that the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited was recruiting Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Trainee.  He immediately grasped the opportunity to fulfil his dream by attending the job fair and was offered employment.  Tonly described YETP as a bridge for him to set foot in his dream industry.


As a green hand, Tonly could not help being cautious about his work.  Fortunately, with the comprehensive on-the-job training provided by the company, the aviation knowledge patiently taught by his supervisor as well as the close follow-up on his work progress by his case manager, he was able to adapt to the working environment promptly.


Tonly had no fear of working outdoors exposing to all kinds of weather.  After going through the technical training, examination and attachment, he is now arranged to work and learn in the Airframe Services Department.  He plans to have his career advancement in the aircraft maintenance industry through the promotion ladder set out by the employer.

CHEUNG Kwun Kit, Eddie (張冠杰)


Present Post: Project & Administration Assistant

Employer: ECO-Greenergy

Service Providers (provided case management services and training on special employment project): The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Education: Higher Diploma

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Eddie is passionate about entrepreneurship and is eager to explore ways to open a gift shop of his own.  Through Internet search, Eddie discovered the Project SETUP co-organised by the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) and a training body, which aroused his interest to join a start-up social enterprise and undergo on-the-job training.  He was responsible for managing an online eco gift shop, supporting and organising various company activities as well as liaising with clients.  As such, he got the chance to experience the opportunities and challenges of a start-up with everything starting from zero.  Under this programme, apart from participating in workshops arranged by the training body to enhance his work capabilities, Eddie also got the chance to visit a number of start-ups running different kinds of business, which gave him a clearer idea of the way forward.


Overcoming the stage of trial and error, Eddie began to display his ability to work independently and competency in problem solving.  His work performance was recognised by the employer.  Eddie had also participated in a marketing competition and won the finalist award, which further demonstrated his strengths and passion for work.

YIU Chun Kit, Frankie (姚俊傑)


Present Post︰Programme Assistant Trainee

Employer︰The Salvation Army

Service Providers (provided case management services)︰The Salvation Army

Education:F.6 in New Senior Secondary Curriculum

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Frankie was assessed to have dyslexia while in primary school.  Being isolated and bullied by his classmates, he had very low self-esteem.  After completing secondary education, he once worked as an artisan, but then quitted the job as he could not keep up with the work progress.  Repeatedly failing in his studies and work, Frankie began to question his own worth.  He later joined the Youth Employment and Training Programme.  His case manager offered him advice on employment and helped him explore his abilities so that he could map out his life plan again.


Frankie learnt different work skills through the workplace attachment training provided by a social service organisation and then a pet shop.  He was subsequently offered the job of Programme Assistant Trainee by the social service organisation.  From time to time, Frankie encountered work difficulties due to dyslexia.  Thanks to the emotional support of his case manager and the prudent guidance of his mentor, he gradually managed to fulfil the job requirements.


Frankie’s performance improved over time.  He was eager to give guidance to the new trainees.  He was much appreciated by his friendly and sincere manner displayed in the workplace.

(in random order)

YETP Trainees with Merit Award

CHENG Ka Chun (鄭家俊)


LI  Haobin (李浩彬)


CHEUNG Wai Yung (張渭勇)


LIU Shing Yip William (廖承業)


ZHU Xun (朱循)


TONG Chak Pui (唐澤培)



WONG Sze Lam (王思琳)


LAU King Yin (劉敬賢)


CHAN Yin Ting (陳彥廷)


IP Wing Ting(葉詠婷)


CHING Kam Yan (程錦欣)

(in random order)