True stories of “A Moment to Fly”

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TSANG Shek-hay

Present Post:Pastry Assistant

Service Provider of the YETP:Hong Kong Employment Development Service Limited


Tsang joined the YETP in 2016. He is now a Pastry Assistant in a bakery shop.


Tsang was diagnosed with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in his childhood and faced great difficulties in his life since then. Noticed that Tsang was interested in making desserts, his teacher introduced the “Bakery Cakes & Dessert Production Course” of the “Targeted Career Training Mission” of the YETP to him. Through the course, Tsang had acquired professional skills and technique in dessert making and therefore his father, after seeing the improvement of his son, showed much support to him to participate in the YETP.


Later on, Tsang completed the course and got a full time job in dessert production through YETP. Tsang had great interest in making dessert but sometimes he could not focus on his work due to the side effects of the medications required for the relive of his ADHD symptoms. Fortunately, Tsang’s considerate employer deployed Tsang from the bakery kitchen to the pastry kitchen, where he was mainly involved in preparing the pastry cases, packing and preparing ingredients. With the assistance and care from his supervisor, colleagues, case manager and Tsang’s mother, he realised that he had to put in extra effort and eventually grasped the requirements of different pastry tasks and adapted to working environment.


Working as a Pastry Assistant now, Tsang is determined to learn modestly and follow the instructions from his supervisor. Tsang also volunteered to share his experience in making cookies and desserts at a social service organisation during his free time.

CHAN Chun-sing

Present Post::Patient Care Assistant I

Service Provider of the YETP:New Territories Association Retraining Centre and The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions Occupational Retraining Centre


Chan joined the YETP in 2016. He is now a Patient Care Assistant I. Chan was also one of the Most Improved Trainees (MIT) of the YETP in 2017.


Chan took a higher diploma course in rehabilitation services after the HKDSE in the hope of pursuing a career in physiotherapy. but his academic results were not satisfactory. Incidentally, he came to know about the “Patient Care Assistant Training Project” jointly organised by the YETP, Hospital Authority Hong Kong West Cluster and a training body. He then took the opportunity to join the medical service field by working in Queen Mary Hospital.


At the beginning of his work, Chan's biggest obstacle was to work on shifts. He made great efforts and managed to adapt to the work pattern about two months later. Working in the Orthopaedic (Acute) Department was extremely challengingas there were different urgent cases every day. After working hard for some time, the sloppy young man has tempered himself to become a responsible healthcare worker. Now, Chan knows how to understand the patients' needs by making careful observations as well as provide them with suitable medical check-ups and nursing services. He is dedicated to assisting patients in achieving rehabilitation and putting the spirit of medical service into action.


Chan takes his work in the medical service field seriously. He believes the essence of service is that one can be happy by helping others and, by doing so, one also helps their own selves. In 2020, Chan has started working as Patient Care Assistant I in Tuen Mun Hospital and he is attending a 3 years on-the-job training programme. With a strong desire to improve himself, he hopes to seek long-term career development in the medical service field by moving up the hospital's well-defined promotion ladder.


Present Post:Teaching Assistant

Service Provider of the YETP:Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service


HUSSAIN ISMA (Isma) joined the YETP in 2018 and is a Teaching Assistant at present. She was an awardee of the YETP Most Improved Trainees 2018.


Isma is a Pakistani with an assertive personality since childhood. She actively participated in volunteer work while in secondary school and desired to take up a meaningful job after graduation to contribute to the society.


After joining the labour market, Isma became an Employment Services Ambassador for Ethnic Minorities through the YETP. She assisted both local and ethnic minority job seekers in using the employment services available in a job centre of the Labour Department. Isma often took the initiatives to reach out and assist the job seekers and so won the praise of her supervisor and service recipients.


Thereafter, Isma was hired by a social service organisation to work as a Programme Worker to provide services to young people of ethnic minorities. She listened to the need of young people patiently and guided them to overcome difficulties. She also co-authored a magazine targeted at young people of ethnic minorities. Making use of her edge of fluency in both Cantonese and English, Isma served the ethnic minority society and shared with employers cultural diversity and the gist of getting along with ethnic minorities.


These working experience lead Isma to consider her career path. She hopes to prove that female ethnic minorities can also do well in workplace, and is determined to serve young people by joining the Education industry. Recently, Isma is hired by an international school to work as a Teaching Assistant. She is also pursuing studies in English and psychology to strive for the goal.

Lai Ka-hung (Jack)

Present Post:Maintenance Engineer

Service Provider of the YETP:The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups


Jack joined the YETP in 2016. He is now a Maintenance Engineer. Jack was also one of the Most Improved Trainees (MIT) of YETP in the 2016.


Jack was an introvert and was weak in interpersonal communication skills. Later, when Jack joined the training course under the “SHKP SDU – Trainee Programme”, he got to know his strengths and weaknesses. Under the caring guidance of his case manager, Jack has become talkative and confident. The pre-employment training he received under the Programme also enriched his knowledge of the trade and practically helped him solve the problems at work.


Jack had a strong sense of responsibility. He always did well for the work tasks assigned to him and took the initiative to help out his colleagues. He was able to deal with emergencies in a calm manner and allocated the work properly to facilitate follow-up actions of his subordinates. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for work earned him the appreciation of his supervisor. The whole team was full of positive energy under his leadership. In just two years, Jack rose two ranks from Trainee Project Assistant to Senior Technical Officer.


Jack undertook part-time studies and graduated from a Degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He was promoted to the position of  Maintenance Engineer in 2019. Jack stated that he would keep learning with a humble heart and striving for excellence to become a Chief Engineer in the future.

CHAU Yeuk-laam (Mavis)

Present Post:Camp Assistant

Service Provider of the YETP:The Salvation Army


Mavis joined the YETP in 2014 and is a Camp Assistant at present. She was an awardee of YETP Most Improved Trainees 2016.

At secondary school, Mavis was a wayward student who acquainted with undesirable peers. She had poor relationship with her family and often suffered setbacks in her education and social life. She was subsequently referred by a social worker to join the YETP. While attending the  "Job-search and Interpersonal Skills Training", she found herself in a circle of like-minded friends. Since then, Mavis became proactive and cheerful and she began to build up confidence in her ability.


During her workplace attachment training in a social service organisation, Mavis’ outstanding performance won the recognition of her supervisors and she was employed by the organisation immediately after training. Although Mavis encountered lots of difficulties at work at the onset and wanted to quit, Mavis discarded the thought and strived hard to overcome the challenges with the encouragement of colleagues. From that moment onwards, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” became her motto.


During the on-the-job training period, Mavis obtained a First Aid Certificate and an Instructor Certificate on Adventure Training so as to better equip herself. In 2016, Mavis was employed as a Camp Assistant and mainly responsible for facilitating onsite and offsite enrichment activities as well as conducting adventure training for primary and secondary school students.


Mavis kept on making academic advancement and completed the Diploma Yi Jin Programme and other work-related courses with good results during 2018-2019. Mavis was shaped by these challenges and became more mature. Meanwhile, her relationship with family improved a lot as well. Now, Mavis is working hard to become an Adventure Training Instructor that can inspire participants to reflect on their lives. Having the experiences she earned during her journey, she is eager to share her story and help those who are caught at the crossroads to distinguish between right and wrong and guide them as they travel on the road ahead.

CHAN Lok-hin (Kayden)

Present Post:Tradesman

Service Provider of YETP:The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions Occupational Retraining Centre


Kayden joined the YETP in 2012 and is a Tradesman at present. He was an awardee of YETP Most Improved Trainees 2016.


Before joining the YETP, Kayden’s career goal was to become a fireman. After graduation from an associate degree, he applied for the job twice but failed to fulfil the entry requirements. He was very depressed and was about to give up.


Later, when Kayden went to Vancouver, he attended an aviation programme. After returning to Hong Kong, he immediately joined the YETP and participated in the “Assistant Mechanic Training Project” to pursue his passion for aviation.


The work of aircraft maintenance reinforced Kayden’s interest in the aviation industry. He determined to equip himself by acquiring more knowledge through his present job. Apart from understanding different areas of work in the field and gaining exposure to various types of aircrafts on-the-job, Kayden studied a course on aviation English and attained a license on light aircraft. With these professional knowledge and work experience, Kayden regains his confidence and is determined to pursue his goal to become a pilot.

DENG Junming

Present Post::Information Technology Teaching Assistant

Service Provider of the YETP:New Territories Association Retraining Centre


DENG Junming (Junming) joined the YETP in 2019. He is now an Information Technology Teaching Assistant.


Junming is a New Arrival. Being introverted and passive, he encountered lots of difficulties in the course of job searching. This, together with the financial problem of his family, put him under great pressure.


Upon joining the YETP, Junming’s case manager suggested him to enrol for the WebPage Design and Photo Editing Training Course. At first, Junming was frustrated since he was unable to keep up with the course and even thought of giving up. Thanks to the encouragement of his case manager and course trainer, Junming greatly improved by repeated trial and practices and gained much confidence. In the end, he completed the course successfully.


Junming worried that his interview performance may be affected by his accent when he tried to search for jobs thereafter. Upon knowing the situation, his case manager assisted Junming to practice Cantonese pronunciation and taught him job interview skills. At last, Junming was employed by a primary school and took up the work of a teaching assistant.


Junming worked hard to acquire knowledge on e-learning to improve the design and user-friendliness of the school’s website. Junming’s work performance is highly appraised by his colleagues which make him filled with confidence. He has changed to a communicative and cheerful person.

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