The Youth Employment and Training Programme X RTHK Radio 2

“A Moment to Fly” will be broadcast as part of the programme “Three’s a Crowd” on Radio 2 of RTHK every Monday from 3pm to 5pm from 16 November 2020. Voice Starring (In no particular order): Kwangor, Zac Liu,On Chan, Cath Wong, Terence Lam, Mag Lam, Anson Lo
The sky is not always blue But in the storms, Someone will always be by your side Beyond the rains, We’ll shine and light up our way In this winter, Let’s take each other’s hand and grasp the moment to fly

The Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) of the Labour Department (LD) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) will jointly present a radio drama “A Moment to Fly” to promote services of YETP and to encourage young people to be persistent in the face of adversity and strive towards the goal.


The radio drama consists of six short stories adapted from the real life experiences of seven YETP trainees. They are Tsang Shek-hay, Pastry Assistant; Tang Chun-ming, I.T. Teaching Assistant; Chan Chun-shing, Patient Care Assistant; Miss Hussain Isma, Teaching Assistant; Lai Ka-hung, Jack, Maintenance Engineer; Miss Chau Yeuk-laam, Mavis, Camp Assistant and Kayden Chan, Aircraft Maintenance Tradesman. They found their goal and direction and started a new page of their life through the support of family, case managers and course trainers after joining YETP’s pre-employment and on-the-job training. Their striving efforts would be unveiled in the radio drama and we hope their stories could encourage young people to fly high and achieve their dreams when facing difficulties in their lives.

True stories of “A Moment to Fly”
Story 1

Voice Starring: Kwangor

Story of trainee, Tsang Shek-hay


Tin (voice starring Gwangor) was diagnosed with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in his childhood and had been interested in making dessert. Incidentally, Tin joined the “Bakery Cakes & Dessert Production Course” of YETP and started his journey with dessert. However, Tin had a rough start as he could not focus on his work. Should Tin give up his dream to be a Pastry Chef?

Story 2

Voice Starring: Zac Liu

Story of Deng Junming


Ryan (voice starring Zac Lau) is a new arrival. He encountered many difficulties in the course of job searching. Later, Ryan joined the “WebPage Design Course” of YETP and get to know his classmate Purple and the tutor Miss Ng. With the encouragement and assistance of Purple and Miss Ng, Ryan’s Cantonese is greatly improved. However, Purple and Miss Ng have some misunderstanding about Ryan due to a KOL…

Story 3

Voice Starring: On Chan

Story of Chan Chun-sing


James (voice starring On Chan) planned to find a part-time job after HKDSE to make his life relaxing and purposeless. Presuming the workload of a Patient Care Assistant is light, James joined the “Patient Care Assistant Training Project” of the YETP with his friend Kei upon Kei’s suggestion. However, they soon found themselves in hardships after encountering lots of obstacles and working on shifts when they started to work. Thereafter, James met Grannie Chan, his first patient and Zoe, an experienced coworker and they led James to understand the importance of the work of patient care. Later, the death of Grannie Chan gave James the idea of resigning...

Story 4

Voice Starring: Terence Lam and Cath Wong

Story of Hussain Isma and Lai Ka-hung, Jack


Alina (voice starring Cath Wong), a young Pakistani girl born and grown-up in Hong Kong, determined to contribute to the society. Being gifted in languages, she speaks seven languages and is fluent in Cantonese. As such, she was engaged in a phone customer service job soon after her secondary school graduation. Unfortunately, she was bullied by customers and colleagues which made her suffered a lot…

On the other hand, Kwong (voice starring Terence Lam), being an introvert, has no idea on his career path after graduation from a higher diploma course. When he learned about the on-the-job training programme of YETP, he was hesitating whether to enrol for the programme at the office of YETP and accidentally bumped into Alina who was absentminded after being scolded by her supervisor…

Story 5

Voice Starring: Mag Lam

Story of Chau Yeuk-laam, Mavis


Lorraine (voice starring Mag Lam) was a wayward student and had poor relationship with her family. Dropping out of school upon completion of Form 4, she broke up with her boyfriend and her friends distanced from her. Messed up in all areas of her life, Lorraine's social worker encouraged her to join a YETP training course where she got to know a classmate, Hoi Hung…

Story 6

Voice Starring: Anson Lo

Story of Chan Lok-hin, Kayden


Kelvin (voice starring Anson Lo) had been dreaming of becoming a fireman since childhood but was refrained from doing so because of the requirements for physical fitness and body height. In a flight experience, Kelvin fell in love with flying and was aspired to become a pilot, but it would be a long journey for him to reach the goal. With the recommendation of a good friend, Kelvin joined the "Assistant Mechanic Training Project" of the Youth Employment and Training Programme in pursuit of his flying dream while getting closer to aircrafts. At the beginning of the course, things turned out differently and repairing aircraft was far from his dream. Being frustrated, he even thought of quitting the industry. However, Kelvin started to change when he met his classmate, Macy, an aircraft enthusiast whom was serious and full of passion...