Retention Allowance

  • Retention Allowance

    A 3-year Retention Allowance Pilot Scheme under YETP was launched on 1 September 2020 to encourage trainees to undergo and complete on-the-job training, thereby stabilising employment.

    During the Pilot Scheme period, trainees are eligible for a retention allowance of $3,000 if they are engaged in full-time on-the-job training for 3 months during the on-the-job training period and an additional $1,000 for completion of each subsequent month. For part-time on-the-job training, the respective amounts grantable will be halved.

    Each eligible trainee would be granted retention allowance for a maximum period of 12 months (i.e. up to $12,000) under the Pilot Scheme. Upon the completion of on-the-job training or termination of employment (whichever is earlier), eligible trainee who wishes to apply for retention allowance can login his/her trainee account and click “Application for Retention Allowance” for the information on on-the-job training and retention allowance.